In Azure we have two deployment methods, ASM (Azure Service Manager) aka classic & ARM (Azure Resource Manager). When the beginning of Azure we use ASM model to deploy resources and manage our cloud infrastructure but soon Azure team realize we need a better more robust management and deployment infrastructureRead More →

Network Watcher is a service that enables you to monitor and diagnose conditions at a network different scenarios level in, to, and from Azure. Network diagnostic and visualization tools within Azure¬†Network Watcher help you understand, diagnose, and gain insights to your Azure virtual networks. NOTE:- Currently this feature only availableRead More →

VNet peering is a way we can connect two virtual networks in the same region ¬†through azure network backbone. When we connect the VNets it works as one network but manage as two different resources. When we do the peering VMs in both network can communicate each other. Advantage ofRead More →