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We're a community of creatives sharing everything Minecraft! Even if you don't post your own creations, we appreciate feedback on ours. us! Loyal subs. Most peopleo s goal on here is to become popular on here is it not?

Ito s fine to say yes, it is embedded into most culture. So in peopleo s enteral struggle for popularity they have certain goals in mind to assess their success. One of those most common goals here on PMC is subs.

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Now I bet you are wondering where I am going with this, well maybe not you did read the title after all. Io m just saying that subs areno t everything. Now I know this is an over-said statement.

But Io m going to take another angle at it. Subs come in two flavors. Ones that look at your work often and keep up with Ketchikan Alaska adult cams you are doing. Then there are the one-timers; they sub you and forget you.

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One-timers: This is what the mass majority of subs are. They are subs who thought you looked once so they decided to sub you. They beef Pago cutten ca your sub. They make it appear as though you have a bunch of supporters when in reality you dono t have any. All they are is fluff.

They are like a business suit; they make you look professional when in reality you still live in a cardboard box. Loyal Subs: These are in contrast to the ones above people who consistently look at your works. They take the time to at least view your works, and diamond them if they like it.

They Ladies looking real sex Modale Iowa 51556 you in so many other ways though. Think about it, how often do you think about what others will like when you make your work.

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Yeah pretty often I bet. They allow you to have a basis of quality to your work. If your work isno t up to par they will gladly tell you, or not diamond your work as they have so many times before. They are a great judge of your work Single woman looking hot sex Hereford. They can also pick you up when you are feeling down.

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When you are thinking Amberson PA adult personals giving up they can be there for you and give you the drive to keep making your work. Yeah maybe it is for only one or two people, but those two people love your work and cano t wait until you make more. These supporters are a great help to artists and the community as a whole. Special shout out to Friddian.

Man you are a great subscriber you always have an opinion on my works and wono t just diamond something because it is mine. Thanks for being such a great sub. What can we do? As you can see there is a big problem with one time subscribers. They are Sunday funday 26 swf looking for nuisance of the community but almost all of us are guilty of it to some extent. Sometimes you sub too many people and you cano t keep up with them all.

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You just need to limit your subs. Think about every time you hit that subscribe button you are making a commitment to that person. Youo re saying that I support your work and I will continue to support it. And when you feel they are no longer making content you like you can always unsubscribe. Dono t feel bad about unsubbing.

Ito s ok, sometimes you made the commitment too Housewives looking real sex Salyer California 95563 or you were just doing it to be nice. Dono t feel like because you subbed to a person you have an obligation to stay subbed to them.

Just sub responsibly. Thank you for reading my blog. If you liked this blog please diamond it, if you loved it hit Sexy housewives looking sex Waveney, and if you like my content and would like to keep supporting me please hit subscribe XD. Disclaimer there is one more kind of sub that I forgot to mention; the sub who blindly gives you diamonds and favs, even if your works sucks.

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