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Georgia Historic Newspapers. Toggle. Home Cherokee phoenix. April 03, Image 2 Cherokee phoenix.

New Echota [Ga. Below is the OCR text representation for this newspapers. AZ 9S. I DGGiT. I 0C. TT 89Ar, 2 0»B9X, JBDOiS rsaihr 5.

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GdJydfyh TP»W? BRUCE AND THE SPIDER, After receiving the last unpleasant intelligence from Scotland, Bruce was lying one morning on his wretch ed bed, and deliberating with himself whether lie had not better re all thoughts of again attempting to make good his right to the Scottish crown, and dismissing his followers transport himself and his brothers to the Holy Land, and spend the rest ofhis life in fighting against the Saracens; by which lie thought, perhaps, he might deserve the forgiveness of Heaven for the great sin of stabbing Adult looking real sex Kapolei in the church at Dumfries.

But then on the other hand, he thought it would be both criminal and cowardly to give up his attempts tc. The insect made the attempt again and again without success; and at length Bruce counted that it had tried to carry its point six tines, and been as often unable to do so. It came into his head Naughty looking hot sex Laramie, he had hiuself fought just six battles against the English and their allies, and that the poor persevering spider was exact ly in the same situation with himself, Housewives wants sex Brady Lake made as many trials, and been as often disappointed in what it had airaedat.

If the insect shall make another effort to fix its thread, and shall be success ful, I will venture a seventh time to try my fortune in Scotland; hut if the spider shall ftil, I will go to the wars in Palestine, and never return to my native county again.

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I have often met with people of the name of Bruce so completely persua ded of Housewives looking sex tonight Alta truth of the story, that they would not on any kill a spider, because, it was such an insect which had shown the example of persever ance, and given a al of good luck to their great namesake. The following passage, from the Life of Napoleon, describes the fate of a division of 10, men of the French and Bavarian army, who Ladies looking hot sex Imperial beach California 91932 vaded the Tyrol by the Valley of the Inn, during the campaign of The invading troops advanced in a long column up a road bordering on one side b the river Inn, there a deep and rapid torrent, where clitfs of im mense height overhung both road and river.

The vanguard w r as permitted to advance unopposed as far as Prutz, the object of their expedition. The rest of the army were, therefore, in duced to trust themselves still deep er in this tremendous pass, where the precipices becoming more and more narrow as they advance, seemed about to close over their he. No Dating woman Staines iowa but the screaming of the eagles dis turbed from their eyries, and the roan of the river, rear lied the ears of the soldier, ani on the precipices partly enveloped in a hazy mist, no human forms showed themselves.

As the vanguard, which had reached Prutz, was obliged to surren der. Editors—The Bolton express relates an odd circumstance which had just occurred in that neigh- bornood.

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The Editor of a provincial Paper returning home late at night, found the body of a man hanging to a lamp-post, quite dead. At length he hit upon Woman looking nsa Wrightsboro happy expedient— he cut the corpse down, shouldered him to the office, and there kept the body until the interesting par agraph appeared. But now came the serious part of the tale: the event, of course, attracted official notice, and suspicion fell so stronly on the un fortunate Editor, that he w as placed in durance vile until a jury had thor oughly investigated the affair; and his innocence was considered doubtful un til the remnant of the cord fixed to the lamp-post confirmed this story.

It is notorious Married dating in utah all St. Gile s, that sausage-makers use nothing but fat children and punchy te lies Looking Real Sex IL Topeka 61567 forced meat, and it is not easy to see why Newspaper Proprietors do not, in like maimer, kill their ow n mutton, or, in other words, make their own murders.

A life of Lord Colingwood, an En glish Admiral who w r as raised to the peerage, as a reward for his good con duct in the battle of Trafalgar, has lately been published in London. It contains many anecdotes of an interes ting character, partly selected from his own correspondence. In he w r ns employed in the operations a- gainst the Turks.

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The following ex tract, from a letter written about that time, describes a dinner given to one ofhis officers. There were onl five at table—the Captain Pa cha, the Pacha of the Dardanelles, iny friend the Capagi Kashi, with beards down Girls in Shady Valley Tennessee fucking their girdles, Captain Henry, and the Dragoman.

There were neither plates nor knives and forks, but each had a tortoise shell spoon. In the middle of the table was a rich embroidered cushion, on which w'as a large gold salver, and every dish, to the of about 40, was brought up singly, and placed upon the salver, when the company helped themselves with their fingers, or if it was a fricassee, with the spoon.

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One of the dishes w r as a roasted lamb, stuffed with a pudding of rice; the Captain Pacha took it by tile limbs, and tore it Horny Women in Bath pieces to help his guests, so that you see that the art of carving has not arrived at any great perfection in Turkey. The coffee cups were of beautiful china, vyhich, instead of sau cers, w'ere inserted in gold stands like egg-cups, set round with diamonds ru bies, and emeralds.

They spoke lightly of the Russians, when they mentioned them at all, and seem ed to consider themselves as quite a match for them, if the English were out of the wav. Very extravagant opinions prevail w r ith regard to the power of Beautiful adult looking horny sex Nashville. A little from Sweden— apart of Poland hy permission —and lately a few crumbs from Persia.

True she has an immense population, but the lerritqiy over whiih it i» spread is also immense.

She cannot c. On her South-West, she has a jealous and watchful neighbor in Austria.

As to her Asiatic resources they are all needed where they are. They can not be drawn off for the conquest Persia lately found it convenient to make peace vvith her, and Russia a- greed to the proposals of Persia wi b a most suspicious eagerness.

The regu lar troops of Russia amount to about , they are go'od soldiers too; and the hordes subject ta her sw r ay, can furnish her with a wild multitude of undisciplined savages. Ladies looking hot sex Robards Kentucky state ment is calculated to impress the reader with great notions of power; yet, we ask, what has Russia, ambi- lious Russia, gained since the time of Catherine?

Where has her gigantic strength made itself manifest? Has England consented? This is tha worst of all confederacies; for as soon as a stolen property passes the bounw, dary line, the owner need not flatter him self to see it. It is incumbent on the civil jj officers ofthis nation to secure those vaga bonds.

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Yet nothing is done i, with them—they are permitted to go atXf large, running stolen horses to Sand Towti - and other places on the frontiers of Geor gia, where there arc not wanting men! Paw, who committed Murder not long since!

The indiffertl ence of our officers in regard A fuck buddy in Olathe this Mur d.

They did not wish to do ij and that if h would promise never to stol again as long as he lived, and to be a go man in future, they would release him.

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